NEW MEMBER PROFILE: The Feil Organization


One of the West Central Association’s newest members The Feil Organization, an investment, development and management firm based in New York City, would like to formally introduce themselves to the West Loop community.


How long have you been in the neighborhood?


Why the West Loop? 

We look for long term opportunities and this burgeoning, vibrant area seems like a good fit.


Why did you join the West Central? 

To enhance our presence in the neighborhood and potentially find opportunities to grow our portfolio.


What makes The Feil Organization unique? 

We’ve achieved success by adhering to a core group of principals: diversity of holdings to weather fickle financial trends and climates; low debt to keep capital working for us and our clients; and extensive expertise to manage and operate our own properties.


What’s your favorite part of the West Loop? 

Fulton Market Company.

What does The Feil Organization's future look like? 

Continued growth in the Chicago market.  No selling.  Just buying.


Bonus Question: Tacos or pizza? Go.   

Pizza, but it must be from New York.