NEW MEMBER PROFILE: True Productions

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True Productions’ team are experts in all things visual. From video production to website design and development to graphic design and business automation, the busy WCA member took some time with us to try their hand in a different medium. Read below to learn more about True Productions.

Who are you? 

We are a talented and motivated team providing web, video, and business automation services for successful entrepreneurs and companies in Chicago and abroad.


How long have you been in the neighborhood? 

True Productions has been in the West Loop/West Town area for almost a year.


Why West Loop? 

There’s nothing quite like the West Loop in all of Chicago. From the exploding businesses and restaurants to the great proximity to major expressways, it has become a major hub for businesses of all types. We felt it was the perfect place to call home for True Productions as well.


What are your top challenges in growing True Productions? 

We are a value-based business. Finding the right way to grow while staying true to ourselves and seeking out opportunities that motivate and excite us is a priority for our business. We spend over 70% of our waking hours at work, and we want them to be filled with what brings joy to ourselves and our clients.


Why did you join the West Central? 

We joined because we felt at home with the people and businesses that make up the group. After attending a few events, we knew it was an organization we should be a part of.


What makes True Productions unique? 

With so many options to choose from, why work with us? The answer is superior customer service and engaging relationships. We have a passionate team interested in learning about YOU and your vision and are willing to come alongside as a strategic partner to bring your ideas to life. It’s not just a transaction to us. It’s all about the relationship, being available when you need us, creating amazing stuff, and celebrating with you in your success.


What gets you up in the morning? 

Knowing that we create freedom for business owners. Knowing that our clients rely on our services to bring their digital realities to life.


What’s your favorite part of the West Loop? 

Wide streets, parks, world-class restaurants, and that it’s just close-enough to everything.


What does the future of True Productions look like? 



Describe True Productions in 140 characters or less 

We take the best parts of what makes your business successful and create experiences for your clients and customers.


Bonus Question:  What should a potential fifth star on the Chicago flag represent? 

People talking about how bad the weather is.