NEW MEMBER PROFILE: DK Coaching and Consulting

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In 2018, DK Coaching and Consulting founder Dori Krasnopolsky saw the opportunity for a life and relationship coaching service after she came into contact with hundreds of people who needed someone to walk beside them in order to make significant changes in their lives.

With over 20 years of practicing as a licensed clinical professional counselor, Krasnopolsky wanted to help people make positive changes in their personal or professional lives. Read below to learn more about Krasnopolsky, and DK Coaching and Consulting.

Who Are You?
I am a life and relationship coach. I help people work towards success by helping them identify their goals, and progressively working with them to achieve those goals. My motto is “change happens one step at a time”.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

My husband and I moved to Fulton Market in March 2012. I opened my business in 2014, but I have just recently transitioned from a counseling practice to a coaching and consulting business.

Why the West Loop?

We actually stumbled into this area not knowing how great it was or how much it would grow in the seven years that we have been here. It was a hidden gem in 2012 but now people are attracted to this area. Most importantly I love the sense of community it provides.

What are your top challenges in growing Dori Krasnopolsky Coaching and Consulting?

Since I have transitioned to a new business, I have not gained enough visibility yet. I am working on marketing and creating awareness that my business exists. The West Central Association seemed like a great place to start!

Why did you join the West Central?

I joined the West Central because I wanted to connect with businesses in the West Loop. I’m also looking for exposure for my business.

What makes Dori Krasnopolsky Coaching and Consulting unique?

What makes my coaching business unique is the 20 plus years’ experience I have as a counselor. Specifically, I am certified in Gottman relationship tools.  I help people in their personal relationships but also in their business partnerships, because the interactions between small business partners is a lot like those in a marriage.

What gets you up in the morning?

The excitement of creating something that will have an important and lasting impact on people’s satisfaction and happiness in life and business.

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?

It is very community-oriented. It is growing by leaps and bounds which creates new possibilities and opportunities, both personally and professionally. I love the grittiness of some of the old architecture and how much of that has been retained and combined with new construction.

What does Dori Krasnopolsky Coaching and Consulting’s future look like?

I hope to be a known commodity in the West Loop as I help people find growth, achievement and success.

Describe Dori Krasnopolsky Coaching and Consulting in 140 characters or less.

Dori Krasnopolsky Coaching and Consulting is about helping people move forward in life, either personally or professionally. Often people have gifts, abilities and dreams but they have gotten stuck and have become stagnant. The reasons are plentiful as to why this happens but usually it is about self-criticism, feelings of not being good enough or just plain fear. As a coach, I help people unpack the confusion surrounding a desired path and help them get in touch with their dreams and goals. Together, we work on making those dreams a reality.

As a relationship coach, I use Gottman relationship tools to help people with relationship issues. Dr. John Gottman is considered the relationship guru and has conducted over 40 years of research on what makes relationships work. I work with individuals, couples and business partners to help them gain the tools they need to communicate effectively. This relates then to better systems.

Bonus Question: If you were the mayor of Chicago for a day, what would you do?

In order to meet as many people in the city as possible, I would throw a party in Daley Plaza with street lighting, lots of food and drink, and live music. I would work on connecting with as many people as I could. ☺