Department of Buildings To Streamline Payment Process

Streamlined Payment for Standard Plan Review Permits

The Department of Buildings is excited to announce that, beginning January 1, 2016, we will implement a new and improved payment process for Standard Plan Review permits. The current payment method involves submitting the building permit application to the Department of Buildings, a project manager is assigned to manage your permit process, and that project manager reviews your application and determines the permit cost, determines 50% of this cost, and sends an email for payment before the plan review process begins. 

In January, building permit applicants will now pay a $300 payment deposit and the review process can start immediately - shaving days off the time it takes to obtain a building permit and allowing design professionals to better plan the permit and payment process with their clients. The remaining portion of the building permit fee will be collected upon permit issuance. 

Posted from Department of Buildings newletter dated 11/30/2015