Think of ParqEx as The AirBnB of Parking. Using ParqEx, parking owners are able to rent their parking spot(s) on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and earn some extra cash.

“Let’s face it, driving around looking for parking is painful, especially in the West Loop and its surrounding neighborhoods” ParqEx CEO Vivek Mehra said, “By listing a parking spot, owners earn money, while parking renters save time and gain access to exclusive private parking, and together we all help the environment.”

ParqEx’s mission is to solve the urban parking problem, but does not see commercial parking garages as the solution. They believe that people of every urban community can help solve the parking crunch by sharing what they already have. The problem isn’t in the lack of parking spots in the city; the problem is that many parking spots that are not being used are private. ParqEx is allowing for condo buildings, businesses, religious organizations, individuals, anyone with a private parking spot to list it on their platform. By doing so, parking spot owners make money off an unused asset and at the same time are helping their community by making more parking available.

The ParqEx team is located in the West Loop at WeWork Fulton Market (220 N Green St.). They are highly involved in community events and are always willing to help community members find affordable, convenient parking.

If you’re interested in either listing or finding parking in Chicago, check out the ParqEx website by clicking here and/or download the ParqEx App.

Have any questions or need assistance?

Don’t hesitate to call ParqEx at (855) 727-7391

P.S – ParqEx was recently featured in Crain’s Chicago Business!