Lagom's mission is to dramatically transform the idea of pharmacy, creating longer, less medicated lives.  

Lagom Rx is a pharmacy that has opened its flagship store in the West Loop at 114 N Aberdeen St. (Between Washington & Randolph). "Lagom" is a Swedish term that means "just the right amount", therefore we want you on just the right amount of medication.  We have invented the term  "pharmacy fusion" because we have taken a traditional retail pharmacy and thrown it into a fitness studio.  Our founder, Kirk Heil, PharmD worked as a pharmacy manager in the national drug store chains and became increasingly frustrated with a business model that over-medicated his customers.  One day, he was asked by a co-worker to ring up a carton of cigarettes with an asthma inhaler for a patient that just had a stroke. At that moment, he decided to make a difference and dedicate his life to creating a healthy pharmacy. 

At Lagom Rx you will not find cigarettes, beer or junk food.  You will find a curatation of products hand selected and even designed by its founder pharmacist.  You can schedule a yoga class, boot camp session, spinning class, warrior workout and more and get your prescription at the same time.  Kirk is there to greet you on your first visit to establish goals and act as a gate keeper to all the great services that can help get you on the right amount of medication.  In addition,

Lagom Rx provides a registered nutritionist/dietitian on staff as well as genetic testing designed by a world renowned university. Most prescription insurances are accepted and we believe we have the best out-of-pocket prices in Chicago.   Lagom is open daily to the public and you can learn more by visiting