Ava Grey Designs is a creative agency that produces arts focused campaigns for the marketing and advertising world, creates custom designed installations and murals for property owners and the hospitality industry, and builds their own sculptures for art exhibitions and collectors.

While their creative abilities may span diverse applications, all aspects of their work are rooted in thoughtful design executed with detail-oriented, high-quality production. With an extensive history producing all sorts of creative projects with hundreds of creative professionals, Ava Grey has positioned themselves as curators of culture. Their team members are active participants in the art and design landscape; it’s their life and they love it, and they want to share that passion with you and your projects. Read below to learn more about Ava Grey Designs.

Who are you?

Ava Grey Designs was co-founded by Nick Glazebrook and Caesar Perez. Caesar is a life-long painter and illustrator who focuses on large-scale murals and multidisciplinary art production techniques, and his work has shown in galleries across Europe. Nick has a background in architecture and had a computer animation company for 11 years before following his passion to create with his hands and become a sculptor. Fueled by a mutual desire to create larger, more intricate works of art, Caesar and Nick started working together 6 years ago and have evolved their crafts and techniques to create art iconic to their own combined style.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

Ava Grey Designs’ mural at Bridgford Foods.

Ava Grey Designs’ mural at Bridgford Foods.

Our studio is located in Pilsen. But we've been active in the West Loop for about 5 years. Caesar first painted a few murals at Threadless in 2014. Then we painted the Bridgford mural in 2015.

Why the West Loop?

We've worked with a handful of local businesses in the area over the years, and we're in talks to do more work there. We're basically neighbors, just to the south. And we're excited to be more involved here!

What are your top challenges in growing Ava Grey Designs?

By far our biggest challenge is getting more people to know who we are. We do a lot of different things in different ways, so it takes a little more time to be 'known'. And we often get lost in our studio creating things we love.

Why did you join the West Central?

We joined the chamber because that addresses our biggest challenge! We need to get out of our studio, engage more in the community, and network with people that may be in need of high quality creative services.

What makes Ava Grey Designs unique?

A few things: we're an 'arts focused' creative agency, we design AND fabricate in-house, our extensive network of artists and management experience enables us to curate and produce larger programs, and our team approach enables us to produce in an array of ways at a high capacity. From 3D video projection mapping to sculptures made from recycled Coors Light cans nationwide - we know how to produce.

What gets you up in the morning?

Creating things that people have never seen before. And watching people's reactions when they first look at our work - it's extremely motivating seeing our art produce awe-inspired, uncontrollable smiles.

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?

The excitement of so many organizations, businesses and people all working to create a world-class neighborhood.

What does Ava Grey Designs' future look like?

Filled with larger, more intricate and innovative artwork in as many places as possible for people to enjoy and be inspired by. As we foster more opportunity to create, we can also establish Ava Grey as a hub to provide opportunities for other artists to work, learn, grow and live more creatively prosperous lives.

Describe Ava Grey Designs in 140 characters or less

Ava Grey is a creative agency that works with a range of clients to curate and produce high quality artwork and custom design installations.

Bonus Question: Tacos or pizza? Go.

We eat tacos all the time in Pilsen. So pizza!