NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Airrosti Rehab Centers

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Airrosti is an outcome-based healthcare group committed to a patient-centered approach for musculoskeletal care. Our appointments are always a full hour, one-on-one. The first half of the appointment consists of functional testing and hands-on myofascial release, while the second half works on exercises to correct why those tissues became injured. We focus on accurately diagnosing the root cause of your pain, then fully resolving the pain as quickly as possible, on average within 3-4 visits. Read below to learn more.


Who are you? 

I’m Ashley Welch, a practitioner who works for Airrosti at our newest location in Fulton Market.  My goal is to help people in the West Loop and surrounding areas get back to living a pain free life, with as little down time as possible.


How long have you been in the neighborhood? 

I’ve lived in the West Loop for two years and just opened our new office here two weeks ago.


Why the West Loop? 

For the obvious reasons of a thriving business community (and great restaurants), but I also like the idea of working where I live and becoming more ingrained in the community. Being able to help people that I know and see everyday brings me a lot of joy.


What are your top challenges in growing Airrosti Rehab Centers? 

Name recognition amongst a dense collection of already established chiropractic and physical therapy offices, and demonstrating how and why we are different.


Why did you join the West Central? 

I want to become a more active member of the community and get to know the people I see walking around the neighborhood every day.


What makes Airrosti Rehab Centers unique? 

We spend an hour one-on-one time with patients each on every visit, with a goal of getting you better as quickly as possible, and keeping you that way. On average, we resolve injuries in 3-4 visits, and have 15 years of patient-reported outcomes to back that up.  We are also unique in that we provide onsite education and engagement programs for employers at no cost.


What gets you up in the morning? 

Besides a donut from Dorite? Knowing that today, I’m going to get someone back to living their life without worrying about how an injury is going to stop them from picking up their kid or running a 5K.


What’s your favorite part of the West Loop? 

The endless supply of amazing food options.


What does Airrosti Rehab Centers' future look like?

Locally, I hope to grow my practice and serve the West Loop community for years to come, and as a company, open more practices to be able to serve more of the Chicagoland population.

Describe Airrosti Rehab Centers in 140 characters or less

We are singularly focused on getting results for our patients, while providing the highest level quality of care. We stop pain, so pain doesn't stop you.

Bonus Question: What should a potential fifth star on the Chicago flag represent?  

The Cubs winning the World Series!