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A full-service marketing communications, event planning and PR firm, ABC Communications has been around since 1982. Read below to learn more about the company.

Who are you?  

Candice Kuhnen [founder of ABC Communications]


How long have you been in the neighborhood? 

I have been doing business in the neighborhood for years.


Why the West Loop? 

It’s a great neighborhood. I’ve known Sally from Randolph Street Market for 20+ years. Tammy from Takohl for about that long too. I have friends that have lived at Presidential Towers and I could go on and on!


What are your top challenges in growing your business? 

It’s a fast growing area and not everyone knows me so it takes time for them to get to know me.


Why did you join the West Central? 

Heard great things about the group and I like to associate with a group that’s outgoing and gets things done!


What makes ABC Communications unique? 

We’re creative, “out of the box” thinkers, outgoing, active and we enjoy helping others to connect and look at business development as developing relationships. Hence, the title on my business card: the connector.


What gets you up in the morning? 

New ideas and lots of people to talk with!


What’s your favorite part of the West Loop? 

The people and relationships I’ve developed.


What does ABC Communications' future look like? 

For 37 years I’ve been building my business one day at a time and plan to do that for another 37 years. Need to be where things are happening and I am!

Describe ABC Communications in 140 characters or less 

A full service, marketing, promotion and public relations specialist. Specializing in grand openings and special events. [I am the] publisher of Lifestyle, a resource guide for newcomers to the neighborhoods of Chicago and western suburbs of Chicago. [I] enjoy hosting events to bring people together.

Bonus Question: Favorite secret spot in Chicago? 

Sailing on our 41’ Beneteau