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André Wilson has found a balance between profession and passion with his menswear consulting firm Black Garment Bag. Read below to learn more about Wilson and his business. 


Who are you? 

I’m a native Chicagoan and I really love this city and it’s possibilities.  I left corporate America to pursue my interest in menswear full-time.  I started blogging to share style advice with my friends and my following has grown over time.  I enjoy helping others look their best and feel more confident. 


How long have you been in the neighborhood? 

I’ve been in the neighborhood for four years.


Why are you located in the West Loop?  

I love the energy, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit in the West Loop.


Why did you join the West Central? 

As a part of this community, I was looking for a way to formalize my connection to the community and bring awareness to my business.  


What makes Black Garment Bag unique? 

 Black Garment Bag offers a local approach to the global menswear industry i.e. from the runway to Randolph Street.


What was your vision for Black Garment Bag when you founded it?  

 To provide menswear enthusiasts a resource that  demonstrates the creativity and innovation in menswear.  I also wanted to put menswear in a cultural context.      


What gets you up in the morning?  

 The opportunity to take an industry like fashion and simplify it for men who don’t consider themselves “into fashion”.  Whether it’s introducing new menswear brands or showing men how to repurpose pieces they already have, style is a visual language that can be learned.   


What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?  

 Mary Bartelme Park.  From the shiny fountain plaza to the viewing hills, Bartelme park is a great space to recharge, take in the day or just have lunch. 


What does the future look like?  

 The future includes building brand recognition and developing partnerships with local men’s shops.  


Describe Black Garment Bag in 140 characters or less.  

 A full-service consulting business and editorial website focused on menswear.  Services include personal styling and brand marketing.  


What are your top challenges in growing your business?  

 Determining which marketing approaches will translate into new business.   Also, dispelling the perception that appreciating fashion means you aren’t intelligent.  You can enjoy dressing well and be smart.        


BONUS QUESTION: Biking, driving or public transportation? Go. 

 Public transportation and Uber.