NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Time Out Market Chicago


Chicago will soon be home to Time Out Market, the food and cultural destination bringing the best of the city under one roof: its top chefs, drinks and cultural experiences, based on the editorial curation Time Out has always been known for. Set to open later this year and situated in a unique stand-alone brick building at 916 West Fulton Market in the heart of the Fulton Market, Time Out Market Chicago will offer a curated mix of 18 eateries with food from some of the city’s best chefs alongside three bars and a demo kitchen. But it’s not just about food and drinks: There will also be cooking classes with top chefs, cultural experiences and more.

Who are you?

Rendering of the upcoming Time Out Market Chicago

Rendering of the upcoming Time Out Market Chicago

Time Out Market Chicago will be the new hotspot for food and culture fanatics in Chicago. We’re bringing the best of the city under one roof: the best chefs, drinks and cultural experiences—all based on Time Out’s editorial curation. When Time Out Market Chicago opens its doors this year, it won’t just be a place where you can go to eat—you will get an all-encompassing taste of the city. We’re serving Chicago on a plate, and it will be a unique experience for all to enjoy.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

The beautiful building that will soon house Time Out Market Chicago is still under construction, but we’re set to open later this year. We can’t wait to call this neighborhood home.

Why the West Loop?  

Over the last decade, the West Loop has become synonymous with the city’s best restaurants, bars and hotels, so it only made sense when we started to look at locations for Time Out Market Chicago. We also love the area’s rich history as the city’s meatpacking and food distribution hub. It’s a neighborhood where people come to live, work and play.

Why did you join the West Central?

The WCA is a leader in connecting businesses in the West Loop community. It’s absolutely imperative for us to become active members of the community and provide a culinary and cultural oasis for our neighbors—the businesses, institutions, residents and visitors that call the West Loop home.

What makes Time Out Market unique?

Time Out Market is unlike anything else—it’s the world’s first food and cultural market based wholly on editorial curation. Time Out journalists have been writing about the best of Chicago since 2005, and people have relied on our magazine and website ever since to experience this great city (and by the way, Time Out is curating the best things to do in 315 cities around the world). Now we are bringing this curation to life at Time Out Market. Our expert editors have tested, tasted and reviewed the best of the city, and then we’ve invited the very best to join Time Out Market Chicago. Chicago’s restaurant scene is thrilling and among the world’s best, and we want Time Out Market to be an incredible reflection of the city’s excellent and diverse culinary and cultural talent.

What gets you up in the morning?

Aside from working with some of the best chefs on the planet? A strong cup of coffee and a freshly baked pastry—both of which we’ll offer at Time Out Market Chicago every morning.

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?  

The old-school cobblestone streets are a constant reminder of the neighborhood’s storied past. We love being able to tell new stories in such a vibrant, historically rich area.

What does the future of Time Out Market look like?

Just like our publication, Time Out Market Chicago will always have a finger on the pulse of the city. We’ll certainly grow and evolve, but our mission will never falter: the best of the city under one roof. Plus, guests can expect a constant stream of engaging programming, including live music, family-friendly happenings, curated workshops, tastings and pop-up experiences. Stay tuned by following us @timeoutmarketchicago on Instagram.

Describe Time Out Market in 140 characters or less

Time Out Market is a food and cultural market bringing the best of the city under one roof: its best chefs, drinks and cultural experiences—coming to Chicago in 2019.

What’s one place you’ve been meaning to try in the West Loop?

Because we’re always eating (for research, of course!), we’ve been meaning to check out Brooklyn Boulders for an epic rock-climbing session.