Originally based in Montreal, Montauk Sofa is a unique addition to the West Loop. Read below to learn more about the renowned sofa maker.

Who are you?

We are Montauk Sofa of Chicago.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

We moved into our new location (1229 W. Lake St) in December 2018. Please feel free to visit us anytime.

Why the West Loop?

More space, more love. We find our clients are slowly relocating towards this area, and it's no secret this neighborhood is growing substantially.

What are your top challenges in growing your business?

Keeping up with the amount of contacts and tending to each relationship can be difficult but is an essential part of business.

Why did you join the West Central?

We live in a very connected world. As much as we love our design clique, it's best to have connections from all over, starting with your own neighborhood.

What makes Montauk Sofa unique?

Most of our sofas are handmade-to-order custom for our clients. We pride ourselves in having some of the most comfortable seating available, while keeping an aesthetic to please all senses. Don't let us tell you how to feel, come find out for yourself!

What gets you up in the morning?

Our team is such a tight-knit crew and we wouldn't be able to function without each other. We love to be a part of this Montauk family and it makes any hardships we may go through so much easier.

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?

We share more than just a brick wall with our neighbor Macello Cucina di Puglia– we share so much love for them too. Live music and half-price wood-burning oven pizzas on Wednesdays!

What does the future of Montauk Sofa look like?

1229 W Lake St.

How would you describe Montauk Sofa in 140 characters or less?

Approachable, world-class comfort. Modern and classic design. We hand make sublime bespoke Sofa seating out of Montreal, Canada.