NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Everywhere Wireless

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Who are you?

Hi! I am Spotty, the Everywhere Wireless internet pup. My job is to advocate for spotless internet! I am a dog but one day I hope to be a human *sigh*. I enjoy sitting on the couch, barking, licking stuff and civil war re-enactments. Butterflies are my friends—the mailman is not.


How long have you been in the neighborhood? Why did Everywhere Wireless choose the West Loop?

In “dog years”, I have been at our new location for almost a year. In human time, it has been a little over 3 months. The West Loop/Fulton Market is just a short walk from my former home in River West and is a natural fit for us. We service nearly 100 properties in the area, including almost half of the new-construction and residential buildings. I also enjoy the many dog parks in this area. They have very nice grass for me to poop on.


Why did Everywhere Wireless want to join the West Central?

We joined West Central because we yearned for a sense of belonging—to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. My humans have attended your events in the past; shaking many hands of your members. I hope one day that those  same hands will pet me.


What do you wish people knew about Everywhere Wireless?

Everywhere Wireless (EW) is the leading independent, privately-operated Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Chicago. The company competes with companies such as AT&T to provide internet access to business and residential customers throughout Chicago and its first-ring suburbs. Using the most advanced microwave and fiber-optic technology, EW has disrupted the status quo in the ISP space by providing customers with a superior internet experience and gigabit speeds (1,000 MBps).

Internet consumers have historically felt trapped by big telecom providers with no other option but to accept poor customer service, slow internet speeds, incessant service outage and high always-increasing pricing. Everywhere Wireless customers have not been shy about letting the world know how much they love the service and company with over 500 5-star Yelp and Google reviews. My humans made me say that. Woof.


What have been your top challenges in growing your business?

Our biggest challenge is finding enough talent to keep up with our rapid growth. We decided to move two blocks away from the Google office and into the heart of the red-hot tech scene to help with this. My biggest personal challenge has been catching my tail, which still eludes me. I have been working on new technology, powered by Everywhere Wireless gigabit internet, which should help me achieve this goal in the next 6- to 12-months. No animals were harmed during the beta testing.


What are some of Everywhere Wireless' goals?

To free those confined within the shackles of big-telecom and bring super-fast internet to everyone, EVERYWHERE! And to catch my tail.


Describe Everywhere Wireless in 140 characters or less:

We are not our competitors. *GRRRRRR, BARK, BARK*


Tacos or pizza? Go.

YUM. I like tacos because they are messy and bits of it will accidentally drop to the floor when my humans are eating. I do not like Choco Tacos though because chocolate makes me sick.