NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Row House Fulton Market


Row House Fulton Market is an indoor rowing studio - home of the low impact 45 minute, full body workout that will build muscle, torch calories, and strengthen your core. Read below to learn more about one of Fulton Market’s newest workout studios.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

We will be open July 22, 2019! We are so excited to be a part of the neighborhood.

Why the West Loop?
West Loop is home to so many of Chicago's best companies and restaurants, and we want to provide their employees and communities the best workout possible - one that builds up their body and keeps them moving!

What are your top challenges in growing your business?

Getting people in the door! One class is all it takes to experience the benefits of rowing.

Why did you join the West Central?
We want to be good neighbors! We believe this entails meeting our community, supporting them with our business, and providing a healthy outlet for them.

What makes Row House Fulton Market unique?

Every class mimics a true rowing experience - in sync with the bodies and group("boat") stats. The rower engages 86% of your muscles - all while sitting down!

What gets you up in the morning?

Helping others be their healthiest self!

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?

So many choices for restaurants - and their fun atmospheres!

What does Row House Fulton Market's future look like?

We hope to build a strong community of encouraging one another in health, friendship, and life! Not only do we want to build our community of members, but give back to the community by partnering with local businesses and hiring local.

Describe Row House Fulton Market in 140 characters or less

The ultimate workout - engaging 86% of your muscles while pulling together to accomplish goals, on and off the rower.

Bonus Question: Bikes, driving or public transportation? Go.

Bike - because we can't get to West Loop by boat!