With nearly 20 years of experience running her own design business in downtown Chicago, We Cre8 Design™ President + Lead Designer Julie Woertz is a seasoned professional with a passion for producing fresh and innovative design. From city-wide events to corporations to universities, Woertz is responsible for some of Chicago’s most iconic brand images. That list includes the Green City Market, Christkindlmarket Market and the World’s Largest Block Party. Aligning innovative marketing, branding and creative, We Cre8 Design has built a lasting legacy of dynamic design that has cemented the personality of some of Chicago’s most recognizable events, restaurants, businesses and organizations. Read below to learn more about We Cre8 Design.

How long have you been in the neighborhood?

We Cre8 Design™ has been in the neighborhood since January 2019. The president + lead designer Julie Woertz previously co-owned another WCA member, design agency, Duotone Design, Inc., in the West Loop from 2007 - 2011. Duotone Design was also a member of the WCA and designed its logo and website. 

Why the West Loop?

The West Loop is the hottest neighborhood in Chicago! There is so much innovation, creativity and growth all around me, it brings so much inspiration. Julie has traveled the world for top restaurants and chefs so the West Loop is the perfect place to live and run a business. 

What are your top challenges in growing We Cre8 Design?

We Cre8 Design have been blessed with the influx of design projects that enter the agency on a weekly basis. We Cre8 Design has been growing since the business started in 2012. Starting with only three clients from the first day to 200+ client today, the company is growing and fast! 

Why did you join the West Central?

As a previous member, Woertz loved the networking events, the sense of community, the camaraderie and the new connections made on a daily basis.

What makes We Cre8 Design unique?

We Cre8 Design is the one stop shop for all things creative. Specializing in everything from logo design and branding, graphic design and print design, packaging design and product photography, web design and web development. Our start-up clients love that they can get everything they need in one spot without going to multiple designers/agencies. 

What gets you up in the morning?

Designing, of course and my two dogs, Oliver the Toy Poodle (11 years) and Gracie the Boston Terrier (6 years).

What’s your favorite part of the West Loop?

Fulton Market and Randolph Street

What does the future of We Cre8 Design look like?

Exciting with a lot of growth! 

Describe We Cre8 Design in 140 characters or less

Chicago-based design agency, We Cre8 Design™, specializes in logo design + branding, graphic design + print design, packaging design + product photography, web design + web development. 

Bonus Question: Favorite secret spot in Chicago?

Jeni’s Ice Cream on Randolph Street! My addiction :)