NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Nancy Benjamin for Cultivate Advisors


Nancy Benjamin is dedicated to helping small to mid-market businesses grow and thrive in today’s crowded marketplace. As a business advisor with Cultivate Advisors, she works tirelessly, one-on-one with clients to solve their unique challenges with action-driven plans to penetrate the market, promote their message, more effectively sell, recruit exceptional staff, scale the business and lead with confidence.

When it comes to business advising, Benjamin’s background backs up her skill set. She worked for some of the top ad agencies for more than a decade, honed her marketing skills and launched products for a variety of prominent brands. She launched an international import business, running it for more than two decades, before she sold it five years ago and became a business advisor.

Industry agnostic, Benjamin’s business clients occupy many niches in the business arena. By succinctly identifying their revenue drivers and goals, she’s able to design a roadmap to bridge the gap between where the business is now and where the business would like to be in one to five years. Through a combination of tactics, skill development, systems and processes, Benjamin makes certain that each client is on track for a profitable, sustainable future.

She’d like to meet business owners who are interested in reaching their customers and goals more effectively, through a custom one-on-one approach, driven by each business’s needs and focus. As a business advisor with Cultivate Advisors, she’s able to not only provide her expertise, but also a wealth of resources, including full video courses for developing and optimizing core business skills; CEO webinars focusing on tactics; quarterly workshop meetings; and an annual summit. All of these resources are free for Benjamin’s Cultivate Advisor clients.

When she’s not building businesses and making life less stressful for business owners, Benjamin can be found hiking the Mount Everest base camp trek in the Himalayas, traversing the Kyzl Kum desert in Uzbekistan and observing bamboo lemurs in Madagascar. Don’t forget to ask the master gardener for green thumb tips, too.

Benjamin can be reached at or by phone at 312-286-0956